Cheerleading is a dynamic and energetic team sport with a vibrant culture, both at Icon Gymsports and nationwide. Icon offers competitive and semi-competitive teams ranging from beginner to advanced level. Icon cheerleaders develop their skills which include stunts, tumbling, dance and jumps, and perfect routines to be performed at competitions locally and nationally. It is a fantastic sport for those moving on from Gymnastics or interested in an exciting and unique team sport!

Rosie Lewis, owner of Icon Gymsports and former Cheerleader herself (taking her to the 2011 World Championships), has been coaching Cheerleading since 2006 and founded Icon Gymsports in 2012. We have a talented group of energic cheer coaches who are keen to welcome you onto a team. Our cheer classes utilise the Olympic sized sprung floor and our dedicated dance room.

Anyone is welcome to join our Cheerleading teams; we have places for all ages and abilities, boys and girls alike. Teams are formed annually with tryouts for the upcoming year taking place each December. Mid-season joining can be possible based on the team you’re interested in and your experience level. We would love to chat with you if you’re interested in joining a team mid-season or otherwise.

Cheerleading 2023 Information Booklet. 

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Trials and enquiries:

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“Highly recommended! Cheerleading at the Snake Pit is world class!”

– Haylee



Who can become a cheerleader at Icon Gymsports?

We welcome boys and girls of all ages and levels of experience! Total beginners are always welcome.

What if I can’t make the training times?

We are always keen to build new teams. If we don’t have a team that best suits your needs at present, we will be glad to take your details and be on the lookout for new opportunities for you.

I missed the team placement day. Can I still join?

We would love you to join if possible!

What should I wear?

Comfortable active/gym gear and bare feet or clean indoor-only runners are fine as you start out. Correct training attire is an Icon top, appropriate bottoms, cheerleading shoes and an icon training bow. All athletes must have their hair done neatly, have short nails and not be wearing jewellery including Fitbits.

Do I have to attend every training and competition?

There are strict rules regarding attendance for competitive and semi-competitive cheerleaders to ensure we don’t let our teammates down and each team is the best it can be. Cheerleading is a team sport that requires 100% commitment from all members – the routines and stunts do not work if even one person is missing. Detailed information on attendance and compulsory dates will be provided before a cheerleader signs up.

What is a cheerleading routine?

A (competitive) cheer routine goes for 2mins 30seconds and is made up of stunts, pyramids, tosses, tumbling, jumps and dance. These are performed on stage at competitions along with routines by other clubs. The performances are assessed, rated and teams are placed.

Is it expensive?

We take great care in providing excellent value for money and deliver outstanding training in the sport of Cheerleading. We offer highly qualified and experienced coaches and keep costs down wherever practical. All of Icon Gymsports’ classes (including Cheer) are priced based on a sliding scale whereby an athlete’s cost per hour decreases based on the number of hours they train in the gym across a week. We do not offer casual classes/fees due to the nature of the sport.

What is the uniform?

Icon Cheerleaders have a training uniform and a competition uniform. The training uniform comprises of club t-shirt, appropriate bottoms, training bow and cheerleading shoes. The competition uniform stays the same for a period of three years to save on the cost of purchasing a new uniform annually. For further information, please contact us via the enquiry form below.

What competitions do you attend?

Exact competitions and dates are announced at the beginning of each year (season) in the information booklet. These competitions can include AASCF State, AASCF Nationals, Cheercon – The Experience, Battle at the Beaches and Cheer Brandz Nationals.

Can parents, friends and family watch?

At Icon we do not have a closed door policy for training sessions. There is a waiting area with seating where any parents and others are welcome to stay and watch during training at any time. The week before the first competition for the season we hold ‘Show-Offs’ which are a chance for athletes to perform in front of a crowd for practice. All are certainly welcome and encouraged to attend competitions and cheer on from the audience!

Can I bring a friend?

We love for you to bring your friends along! We have special ‘Bring a Friend’ weeks twice a year, and we can also certainly arrange a free trial for your friend at a different time. Just let your coach know and they will help organise the best date.


Your students can become part of one of the fastest growing sports in Australia! Icon Gymsports is fully equipped to provide and organise a competitive or recreational based cheer program within your school (other sports including Gymnastics and Tumbling also available). These programs can take place at the Icon Gym or onsite at your school and can be tailored for any age group and ability level. More information on Icon’s school programs here.

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