Private lessons are available with a number of our qualified coaches for athletes looking to perfect a skill, get in some extra training, or just looking for a quieter and more personalised class. Private lessons can be for athletes of any level and from any sporting background, inside or outside of Icon.

Recurring or one-off lessons (or groups of lessons) can be scheduled. Expressions of interest should be directed to the office, and our helpful team will coordinate a day and time that suits you and your preferred coach.

Private lessons of 30 minutes are usually recommended, however 60 minute lessons are available on request. Lessons can be arranged for 1-4 students per private.

The cost of private lessons vary depending on the coach. Icon Gymsports offers private lessons with Junior, Senior, Elite and High Performance coaches. Our coach profiles are available here, which also note each coach’s current level. You are welcome to pick a preferred coach and this will be arranged wherever possible. If you do not have a preference, we will be happy to arrange a coach based on your needs and availablilties.




*Pricing is for 30 minute lessons and for members only, please contact us for non-member pricing.


Number of  Athletes 10 Pack, Junior Coach 5 Pack, Junior Coach 1 off,  Junior Coach
1 $295 $153 $35
2 $350 $180 $40
3 $400 $205 $45
10 Pack, Senior Coach 5 Pack, Senior   Coach  1 off, Senior  Coach
1 $370 $192 $45
2 $420 $220 $50
3 $470 $245 $55
10 Pack, Elite Coach 5 Pack, Elite Coach 1 off, Elite Coach
1 $600 $350 $75
2 $650 $400 $80
3 $700 $450 $85

Bookings & Enquiries

To enquire about private lessons or make a booking, contact us on the details below or complete the enquiry form.

If known, please include:

  • The athlete’s age(s) and experience level(s)
  • How many athletes would be participating in the private lesson
  • How many lessons you would like to (initially) book
  • Your preferred coach
  • Skills you would like to work on
  • Your availabilties (day of week and time)

Phone: (02) 9482 4341


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