We have a COVID-19 Safety Plan and are committed to keeping you safe. 

Your wellbeing continues to be our highest priority. New policies and procedures have been carefully devised to ensure the wellbeing of our athletes, staff and Icon community at this time. These have been planned in strict accordance with the NSW Government’s conditions of reopening and we were grateful for all feedback provided by our families in the planning stages.



All participants and other persons agree to the conditions of entry set out below before entering Icon Gymsports.

  1. – I agree that I must follow hygiene and health regulations to assist in the prevention of COVID-19.
  2. – I agree to adhere to the policies and procedures set forth by Icon Gymsports and follow all reasonable instructions when given.
  3. – I agree that by attending a class or entering the gym I am, to the best of my knowledge, healthy and able to participate safely.
  4. – I agree that if I have been to Victoria or a NSW hotspot within the past 14 days that I will not enter the gym or participate in any classes.
  5. – I agree to undergo a contactless forehead temperature check prior to entering Icon Gymsports.
  6. – I agree that if my temperature checks to be 38 degrees Celsius or higher, I will not participate in class and cannot enter Icon Gymsports.
  7. – I agree to sanitise my hands thoroughly before entering Icon Gymsports.
  8. – I agree that if I show common symptoms of COVID-19 I will be removed from training immediately.



Updated August 2020


  1. 100 people max: Our gym is 800m2, this means we are permitted to have  100 people in the facility including spectators.
  2. Class groups: Are currently capped at 9 athletes. Kinder Gym is 6.
  3. Distancing: We have divided the gym into 8 spaces, the smallest space is 45m2, the biggest space is 120m2. Groups are to never have to share a space. Often 1 group will be able to use 2 spaces.
  4. 7 groups max: The maximum number of groups we are currently timetabling in the gym at once is 7. This is rare and during these instances these groups have lower maximum numbers.
  5. Staggered start and finish times: Class times are staggered so that limited athletes are finishing and starting at the same time.

Pick up and Drop Off

  1. Spectators are now permitted in the Icon Gym. There is a strict limit of one spectator per athlete. Spectators must have signed in via our contactless sign-in system.
  2. Spectators also agree to our conditions of entry and will use a separate entry and exit door as required.
  3. The carpark is now open to vehicles with limited spaces available. The limited spaces are to ensure the safety of our community as there remains greater foot traffic and numbers of people standing in this space.
  4. Parents/carers must collect athletes from the carpark. No athletes are permitted to walk down the stairs (exit the carpark) by themselves.
  5. 15 minutes has been allocated between all class start and finish times to prevent crowding in and around the Gym.


  1. Athletes are asked to arrive 5 minutes early for class to allow time for health screens and handwashing, etc.
  2. Athletes must arrive already in their gym gear.
  3. No bags will be permitted in the gym; just a drink bottle and shoes.
  4. Athlete’s drink bottles must be named and must be put in a clear location in the gym to avoid accidental sharing.
  5. Athletes must take all of their belongings with them when they leave. Nothing can be left behind.
  6. There is to be no contact during class; no high 5s, no hugs and minimal spotting.
  7. Cheerleaders are permitted to stunt but must regularly sanitise their hands during stunting. Stunting periods during training are to be kept short.
  8. Athletes must wash and dry or sanitise their hands prior to exit. All waste must be disposed of safely.

Athletes on Arrival

  1. Attendance must be taken prior to entry.
  2. Temperature is to be checked prior to entry.
  3. A health screen will take place prior to entry. Anyone who is sick or lives with someone sick will be turned away.
  4. Hands must be sanitized or washed and dried with paper towel on entry. All waste must be disposed of safely.
  5. Athletes are to be seated 1.5m apart while they wait for their class to begin.


  1. Coaches are to ensure that all athletes and staff remain 1.5m apart throughout their session.
  2. Coaches are to only do minimal spotting and must sanitise their hands in between each athlete.
  3. Coaches are to create lesson plans that allow athletes to remain separate. Athletes cannot congregate to read whiteboards or be given instruction.
  4. Coaches are to ensure minimal equipment is used. Coaches are to ensure equipment is cleaned after each use.


  1. All surfaces and equipment undergo a deep clean before classes commence each day.
  2. Any equipment used must be cleaned in between athletes’ usage.
  3. 15-minute gaps in between classes allow for staff to clean high touch areas.
  4. Temporarily, foam pits are not be used during lessons. Mats have been placed on top to prevent access. This is due to the difficulties involved with cleaning the pits.
  5. Wherever possible, all doors are to remain open to avoid using door handles.

Chalk & Grips

  1. We are not using communal chalk at this time.
  2. Recreational athletes do not need extra chalk.
  3. Competitive athletes wishing to use chalk are responsible for bringing their own.
    1. Chalk must be brought in an individual container or zip lock bag, clearly labelled with the athlete’s name.
    2. The container must be brought to the Gym and taken home at the end of each session.
    3. Icon Gymsports is selling chalk for athletes ($6 per block); however, it is not compulsory to buy through us.
  4. Grips are not permitted to be left at the Gym at this time. They must be taken home between sessions.



Gymnastics NSW has provided a Family Handbook to help gymnastics families as they return to sport. Click the image below to read and download.